The Genius of John Michael Mackfall

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1. Towers overture

2. Crazy apple

3. I'm falling

4. A good day in New York York

5. Uncle Sam

6. Get me to the office

7. No ordinary day

8. Wings of destruction

9. All most touching heaven

10. The towers

11. There are no words

12. The demise

13. Where were you Lord

14. The hand of God

15. Sing for the hero's

16. Infandum renovare { Dolorum }





The towers
No ordinary day
A good day in New York

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Where No Bird Sings
Sample song play
Where no bird sings
Bitter sweet
Say Amen

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1. Hymn of remembrance

2. The Edge of Time
3. Where no bird sings
4. As we blow away
5. Still mothers softly weep
6. Bitter sweet
7. It’s not there anymore
8. We All fall down
9. What about the children

10. We always say amen



This album is dedicated to the

victims and survivors of the Holocaust