The Genius of John Michael Mackfall
The Towers Musical


On September 11th 2001 an attack was launched on the World Trade Centre in New York City. This musical is dedicated to the people of New York and to all those who were affected by this dreadful tragedy. Our story begins in the evening on the 10th September, a lively overture leads on to the opening song Crazy Apple, set in a night club somewhere in the city.  Looking out across the moonlit waters, a starry sky reveals the song I’m Falling, a love song about the city.  A young child climbs into her bed and softly sings The Little Prayer. Against the backdrop of a warm midnight sky, ethereal music leads us into the depths of the night and the dawning of September 11th.


The City stirs, slowly awakening to an upbeat Good day in New York and as duty calls, officers throughout the police and fire departments prepare for another routine day with a rendition of Uncle Sam.  The streets gradually come to life as people go about their daily business and we pick up the tempo with the song Get me to the office which now places us inside the World Trade Centre.  Looking out over the city we hear a young man sing No ordinary day.


Unbeknown, to all but a few, planes are heading towards what will become their final destination.  Fate has spoken, and the Wings of destruction are now in place.  This piece of music depicts the dramatic events which may have happened  on board those planes that would eventually strike the Towers, and also the heart of America. 


Almost touching heaven this beautiful song epitomises the majestic significance of the Twin Towers within the New York skyline. The Towers the stricken sentinels stand tall against a stunned September sky. Wounded and bleeding, they sigh and groan helplessly as vast pillars of smoke exude unashamedly into the heavens. Hiding the terrified city beneath a mantle of dust and darkness.


Amidst the panic and chaos, we search our minds for reason and understanding with the song There are no words
The Demise this powerful piece of music takes us to the final moments of the two ill-fated monoliths.  The towers collapse in seconds and crash to the ground shaking the very foundations of New York.
Reflecting, many people may have asked the question Where were you Lord? why did you let this happen to us. But later a survivor described her fortunate escape, saying I did not feel afraid, I truly felt that God’s hand was upon me The Hand of God. 


We now pay our final tributes with the glorious anthem Sing for the Heroes . Our story ends with a very emotional piece of music entitled Infandum Renovare – Dolorum which simply means “in memory of, and keeping the flame alive”, that flame will burn forever.




Narration by

TV presenter


Allan Hardwick

Listen to excerpts from The Towers Musical
Narration - on / off Uncle Sam
Crazy apple Almost touching heaven
There are no words I'm falling
Infandum renovare Sing for the hero's
  Wings of destruction The hand of God
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